Why Moving to Livingston Montana?

Why Moving to Livingston Montana?

  • 05/26/22

If you are thinking about moving to Livingston, MT, you should know the pros and cons. Learning more about where you are moving to is always a wise decision. Now we will talk about Livingston, MT... make a wise decision before purchasing your home there. I like to start with the pros, and in the end, I will tell you the cons - Good Vibes always come first in my world!

Livingston is the gateway to Yellowstone National Park

Located right along the park border, Livingston is that small western town in SouthWest Montana that still holds the uniqueness of the old west charm. In the downtown area, you will see lots of red brick buildings; it's a treasure for historic towns. They have been restored to their original life; they are such a charm; I love towns that maintain their origin, something to love, appreciates, and remember. Livingston is an immaculate and well-maintained town; we would love to keep it like that; the only thing the visitors can see on the sidewalks is a painted trout, another unique detail you will only find in Livingston. Even though the town receives hundreds, maybe thousands of visitors a day who are passing through, heading to the Yellowstone National Park, don't expect to find the box stores, a huge supermarket, no, not in Livingston. The town loves to be quirky and straightforward. It will not change to make you happy. But if Livingston is a fit for you, you will probably find happiness there.

In my personal opinion, Livingston is a town of its own and has no interest in becoming an urban area. 

On the contrary, in urban areas, there you will find a friendly community who are happy to embrace their cowboy roots, have fun in the rodeos, and glad to maintain their small shops with a variety of western gifts, clothes, boots, lots of leather, and those gorgeous Native American turquoise jewelry that is to live for...Nestled on the banks of the Yellowstone River, the one thing the town has no shortage of is the variety of fly shops; they are located right across from the railroad museum. Livingston Montana boasts one of the most breathtaking sceneries surrounded by majestic mountains, The Crazy Mountains, Absaroka, and the Bridger to the northwest; it is tough to beat those views. 

Livingston is for the Outdoors Lovers...

The freedom to enjoy the outdoors is endless, from fishing to rafting, mountain hiking to mountain biking, camping, or just enjoying and relaxing in the hot springs around the area; you are set for a great outdoors adventure. If you want the experience, you are in the right place; there is always something to do outdoors during the winter and the summers. 

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