Smart Technology smart Investment: Tips for Home Sellers Looking to Add Value

Smart Technology smart Investment: Tips for Home Sellers Looking to Add Value

  • Luci Edwards
  • 05/29/22

Home sellers typically rely on physical improvements like new paint, landscaping, and careful staging of each room to win over prospective buyers. However, as technology transforms our lives on a seemingly daily basis, homebuyers are also looking for houses that offer technological advantages. These are especially important for a home-buying market increasingly dominated by young people who have grown accustomed to the convenience of smartphone apps and “smart” homes. 

Intelligent home automation improvements make life easier, save money on utility costs, and help you maintain a secure home environment. Innovative technology also allows you to stay connected to your house from anywhere by adjusting temperature and lighting controls and security features, which can add value to your property--an essential factor if you’re planning on selling shortly. 

Innovative technology is expected to be commonplace in new home construction in the coming years. Research studies indicate that more than 30 million devices will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020 and that homeowners are looking for specific benefits through intelligent technology. Nearly 70 percent are looking for smart technology to produce greater energy efficiency. Millennials are interested in convenience, while Gen Xers are looking for a more comfortable home environment. If you’re looking to upgrade with an eye on selling, you can opt for an encompassing home automation network or take an a la carte approach and address individual functions if you’re unsure how much to invest. Courtesy of Bozeman Realty Listings, some of the most popular smart home features among buyers today. 



Smart thermostats are at the heart of the smart home revolution because they can increase your energy efficiency substantially. A smartphone puts thermostat control in your hands whether you’re upstairs or uptown and can even learn your temperature adjustment preferences and make adjustments accordingly based on the time of day. You can also pre-program a smart thermostat via phone or computer interface. The average cost of installing a smart thermometer ranges from $200 - $250 nationally.   

Smart lighting 

Bright lighting is also a popular energy-efficient feature that allows homeowners to control home lighting based on need and the time of day. Light levels can be programmed and controlled remotely via smartphone. In contrast, occupancy sensors, consisting of a motion detector, electronic control unit, and controllable relay, can identify when someone enters a room and activate (or turn off) lighting accordingly. 

Smart security 

Home security systems include affordable security cameras and alarm systems, which notify local law enforcement in the event of a break-in and can be armed or disarmed remotely via computer or smartphone app. Cameras allow you to monitor your home by video fed directly to your mobile device.  Some systems also provide cloud-based storage of security camera footage, time-lapse functionality, and more. Keyless entry is one of the most convenient intelligent home security system features. Standard locks and keys, which are so easily lost or forgotten, are rendered obsolete and unnecessary.  

Smart HVAC 

Convenience and efficiency are the key advantages of an innovative HVAC system, which can be programmed to “learn” how much heat or air conditioning to push to each part of the house based on day, temperature, and occupancy. And if you’re going to be away from home longer than expected, you can reprogram temperature adjustments based on your anticipated arrival.    

Innovative technology can control everything from your appliances to window shades and sound system speakers. Many innovative technology home upgrades can be made quite affordably. Today's homeowner's increasing number cover their ability to improve energy efficiency and enhance convenience and quality of life.


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