Retiring in Bozeman Montana

Retiring in Bozeman Montana

  • Luci Edwards
  • 05/25/22

Well, if you said yes to outdoors, you would love Bozeman. I believe that the most important reason why you should choose here is for the lifestyle more than anything else; if you are that person that can't wait to get acquainted with the community and is dedicated to meet-up groups, you got it! The first one I was part of when moving here was the Gallatin Valley Newcomers, they are great to make you feel at home, and there are tons of activities going on with those ladies; I loved that energy and getting to know people. I enjoyed being around them. Oh gosh, you will be busy gardening, reading books, and having brunch and dinners party in each other's homes; it is fun.  There are other groups around here for all ages as well. Just ask us we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Another suggestion would be volunteering for non-profit organizations; we have tons of volunteering work here; I used to volunteer for Love INC, helping people in the community with all types of needs, The Gallatin Valley Food Bank,  Habitat for HumanityBig Brothers Big Sister’s (my hubby used to volunteer for BBBS) Eagle MountHaven, Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter, we have tons of amazing organizations around here, the one surging now in Career Transitions, which is a beautiful work that is being done since 1981 in the Valley to help people to become self-sufficient through the workforce, and community development, education, etc... well there you have it! No excuses, embrace your gift and get busy!!  

Now, if you are searching for retirement homes, there are tons of great options to choose from; one of the best, in my opinion, is  The Knolls at Hillcrest, which is next door to the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and all amenities Bozeman has to offer. The most crucial part is that you are in a great neighborhood, surrounded by nature with thousands of acres of protected national forest, and breathing the fresh air. You will love living there! Oh, I almost forgot the other one I like is The Villages, actually a few blocks from my house, the place is secluded, and the townhouses are fabulous, you will be living in your private paradise. 

We won't let you go through all this moving situation by yourself, choosing where to live, how to find the best place to retire, etc... We will hold your hand and be with you all the way. Just Call Us

I could be here writing about all the goodies in Bozeman, but we need another blog...hahaha, and the next one will be about food!!! Yummy, I love food and will introduce you to the best restaurants in town, come back soon! 

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