Resources For Settling Into A New Home In Bozeman, Montana

Resources For Settling Into A New Home In Bozeman, Montana

  • Luci Edwards
  • 05/25/22

Moving to a new city can be a bold, challenging, refreshing decision. It comes with a lot of physical and emotional work, and it can be just the fresh start you need. To make the process easier on yourself, prepare for the move by learning all you can about your new city. Find out where to find everything you’ll need in the first few weeks or months and how to access critical emergency or care services. If possible, attend some events in the area before the move so you can make some social connections. Having friends or acquaintances nearby will undoubtedly help you feel more at ease while settling in. Here are several resources to help get you started settling into your new Indianapolis home.

For your new home

Connecting utilities and adding local home services to your contacts list should be two of your biggest priorities.



Trash services

Maintaining your lawn and garden

Have junk hauled away

Storing items after the move

Moving a business - resources

Relocating a business can take quite a bit of work, so we've put together these resources to help make the process less stressful.

Setting up mail forwarding in advance

Registering your LLC in Montana

Marketing strategies for relocating a business

Things to do

Whether you're looking for a nearby attraction or the nearest place to get a coffee, these resources can help you become acquainted with Bozeman.

Farmers Market


Museum of the Rockies

Best trails in Bozeman, Montana

Yellowstone Safari Company

Moving tasks

From babysitting to the DMV, utilizing the following services can efficiently help you complete your move.

Update your driver’s license

Find a new babysitter

Find a qualified pet sitter

Emergency services

It's always a good idea to know where the following facilities are located, in case of an emergency.

Urgent care

Emergency vet care


Moving to a new and unfamiliar city can be daunting, but it can also be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. By preparing as much as possible for the move--and for the weeks after the action--you’ll be able to make the process simple and comfortable so you can settle in quickly into your new neighborhood. Welcome!

In addition to home buying and selling services, Bozeman Realty Listings can answer any questions you may have about relocating to Bozeman. Contact us today for assistance.

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