Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

  • Sophia Perry
  • 10/4/22

Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Painting the blank canvas that is your new home is one of the most exciting and creative parts of the home-buying process. As you prepare to go full artistic, remember that proper home decoration is a combo of equal parts planning, measuring, and - patience. So, before you start looking for interior decorating ideas for your new home, do some prep work. It'll make decorating much more enjoyable, time-effective, and less expensive.

Know your home

The moment you set foot in your new home, you're bound to get hit with the rush of I-want-it-all-and-I-want-it-now. Resist it, and you'll thank yourself later. Knowing what you want or what you have always imagined having in your home means little if you can't fit it or combine it with other, older elements. Take into account your significant other's wishes and taste, too. Things just got doubly complicated.

And yet, they don't have to be. Laying out the groundwork for your home decoration is the first and foremost step, and it involves

  • Making the floorplan of your home.
  • Deciding on the lifestyle you'll lead.
  • Measuring and scaling your furniture.
  • Setting up a reasonable budget.
  • Hitting the local stores!

Blueprints are the girl's best friend, and there's no bigger truth. Getting a floor plan is the first step toward visualizing the room layout. Arm yourself with a measuring tape and write down every room's width, length, and ceiling height.

Pick a color theme for your living space: a green, orange, and white living room.

Once you measure every nook and crevice, clean up your home. Take the time to make it spotless before you start bringing in the furniture and setting up your rooms.

Once you set a basis, think about what kind of lifestyle you plan to lead in the long term. It will significantly influence the type of furniture you will soon search for.

Know your (life)style

Whether you know your style or not, there are plenty of interior decorating ideas online or the old-school way - in magazines (yes, they still exist). Deciding on the theme you'll follow throughout your home or setting up each room differently is rarely a one-person job.

It will help you know how you want to live in the next five to ten years. Although nothing stops you from tearing down walls and rearranging your home layout every year, it is a costly endeavor that takes time and disturbs your routine. Think long-term and save yourself time, money, and effort.

If you plan to settle down and raise kids, consider the needs of your growing family when decorating your home. A sufficient amount of space and demand for privacy have the edge over pure cosmetic upgrades and just-for-show furniture. If you can't resist the pull of high-end art & antique stores and choose to add stylish elements to your home, opt for a touch of kid- and pet-proof luxury.

Interior decorating ideas include minimalistic design, too. A stylish minimalistic bathroom.

Measure the furniture you plan to buy and scale it to your floor plan first. Then, for a better 3D impression, place the stick-it notes on the walls and the floor to better understand how much space the piece will take. If it all fits, proceed to checkout. 

Know your budget

For a good reason, setting up a realistic budget is the final step in the preparation phase. Knowing how much you can afford to spend on home decoration is crucial right after making the biggest purchase of your life. Every room in your home requires your full attention, but not all require an equal budget.

The best course of action? Being strategic about how you invest your home decoration money. In other words, divide the costs between the rooms until you're sure you've covered the essentials. There's time to add the details later. Decorating your home is a process that, in a certain sense, never ends.

Indoor plants are indispensable home design elements—a bedroom with plenty of pillows and wall art.

Interior decorating ideas for every room

No one should tell you how to decorate your own home. However, there are some basic rules that, should you follow, will light a spark of authenticity in you and lead to a bespoke and timeless home interior.

  • Entryway. The point of first contact. A room that sets your visitors' expectations. The ground rule is to design it for routine, where the necessary elements can be as stylish as your designer's taste and budget allow. A mirror for one last check, a bench to tie your shoes, a console with drawers for keys and trinkets. It sounds ordinary unless you make a bold statement. Go ahead; it’s allowed.
  • Kitchen. Counters and cabinets are the body of every kitchen; lighting is its soul. Decorate this room with its intended use in mind. Cool metal and high-end appliances for sustenance prep, warm task lights, natural colors, and plenty of room for family gatherings.
  • Bedroom. This is your sanctuary; decorate it for relaxation. Cushions, rugs, bed covers, wall art, mirrors, chandeliers. The choice of styles is endless. There is so much to work with, so focus on the bed, nightstands, and ambient lighting first. Make it as personal as cozy to your heart's desire.
  • Bathroom. There's only so much you can play with regarding bathroom design. Tiles and fixtures will be the mirror of your decorating taste. Accentuate the room with mirrors, fancy lighting, and details like indoor plants and wall art.
  • Living room. It sets the scene for family life and gatherings, so carefully choose furniture, indoor plants, and wall art. Decide on a color palette. Go a step further and compare the compatibility of fabrics and textures of carpets, curtains, and upholstery. Test different wall paint colors and sheens before making a choice. Whether your taste in furniture is laidback or formal, the number of seats in the dining area should equal the number in the lounge.

Decorating a home is a balance between planning and playing

Don't forget that it is your home, not a museum exhibition you're setting up. It is a place that should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but also practical, easy to maintain, and everyday-life-resistant—one last tip: whenever in doubt about interior decorating ideas, harmony is the answer.


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