How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

  • Luci Edwards
  • 05/20/22

Whether you’ve just bought a house or welcomed a new pet into your current abode, some updates may be necessary for you and your pet to live in harmony. Here are some tips on starting your relationship on the right “paw.” 

Upholster your home with pet-friendly fabrics: Choose smooth fabrics that are highly durable, like synthetics, so they are easy to clean. (Note: The cleaner your home, the cleaner your pet. The cleaner your pet, the cleaner your home.) go for tightly woven fabrics such as twills, denim, sateens, and poplins, which are resistant to scratches and tears. "Microfiber, micro-suede, and ultra-suede fabrics are a dog owner's best friend. They're stain, soil, water, and odor-resistant but look like fabulous designer goods. 

Choose dark colors and patterns: It's either the dog or the white couch -- you can't keep both well-groomed. Washable throws for sofas give a bit more flexibility, as do slipcovers. Stick with darker shades, textures, and patterns to distract the eye from permanent doggie messes. Pets like to mark their territory and seem to love to do it where you'd least want them to. Patterns are also known to hide those hairs from your shedding dog and cats more quickly than solids. 

Keep pet-hair-removal accouterments nearby: If you've got a pet that sheds, keep a drawer of rollers and sprays that help eliminate pet hair on any surface. You can also throw an antistatic dryer sheet into the dryer with hair-covered fabrics to remove the excess hair. 

Create pet-friendly flooring: Hard surfaces are much easier to clean and are way more durable than carpeting, where pet hair and odors like to hang out. However, a rug chosen with your pet in mind is a must. Pick a carpet that is both attractive and comfy for your pet. However, overall flooring focuses on wood, tile, and laminate. But beware: Wood is the most vulnerable to damage. 

Familiarize yourself with pet-friendly cleaning products: Floor cleaning products are especially challenging for pets. It's best to keep them away until your floors are completely dry. The pads on your dogs' feet can be susceptible to chemicals, and if they get itchy, your dog will lick the chemical residue off, resulting in one very sick dog. 

Keep your home from smelling like a zoo: Most high-quality pet stain and odor neutralizers remove odors from indoor accidents but rent a carpet cleaner from a local hardware store for those lingering odors in carpets and furniture. 

Source: AOL Real Estate

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