Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Home Sale

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Home Sale

  • Sophia Perry
  • 11/3/22

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Home Sale

Selling your home, getting a new home, and organizing the relocation process is stressful – and it can get even more complicated when your family includes kids. One would think that keeping them away from everything happening is helpful, but it’s not always like that. Kids go through all sorts of emotions during a move, so it’s wise to include them in the process. This way, they will have fun and feel important, making processing the changes more straightforward. Here are some fun ways to get your kids involved in your home sale and make it successful.

Let them help you declutter and clean.

Kids can’t clean the whole house, but they can indeed participate in clearing their room. Decluttering can be lots of fun, as your kids can decide what items they want to bring to their new home and what they want to leave behind. This is an excellent lesson about growth, dealing with memories, and accepting a new chapter in life. Packing and decluttering is a great ways to learn how to let go of things,
which can be pretty challenging for everyone. Be sure to consider each item together and keep the promise – don’t get rid of items your kids don’t want you to.

Dealing with items you don’t need at the new house

Kids will also learn how to deal with things they no longer use, and you should show them plenty of ways to repurpose them. You can give outgrown clothes as hand-me-downs to your friends or family or donate them to a local charity. Including your kids in these tasks will be a lesson in caring for others and helping people in need. Furthermore, recycling is an excellent option for items that can no longer be used. Another study on being environmentally friendly, correct? Finally, you can organize a garage sale or sell items online after decluttering the home. Include things from your kids’ room so they can participate. Let them take pictures of items to put online or prepare the yard for the garage sale. They can also sort the things into categories, put price stickers on them, etc.

Packing with kids

Believe it or not, packing for the move can be a lot of fun with kids. Kids love playing with cardboard and other packing supplies, but you can assign them specific tasks. Kids can use colors to label the boxes, or you can print stickers to label boxes for each room of the house. This is where they can be creative and have fun but also help you sort out the boxes and make a move a lot easier.

Packing and labeling made fun! kids drawing on moving boxes

Choose another play area

Usually, kids have their toys all around the house, especially in the living room. If you’re trying to sell your home, moving the toys elsewhere is a way to minimize the mess. A clean home is a key to a well-staged property ready for sale. Move the play area to the basement or some other corner where kids’ mess won’t affect potential buyers; first impression. And your kids will find it interesting to play in an unusual spot in the old house.

Remember: Home staging is an essential part of every successful home sale. Remember that potential buyers want to see an attractive home where they can imagine making memories with their family. Make sure the house is decluttered, clean, and depersonalized. Remove all personal items such as religious or political items, family pictures, kids’ toys, and pet items. Your home needs to smell nice and have proper lighting. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and some new hardware to your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll have a home ready for a quick sale!

Organize a goodbye party together

It can be challenging for your little ones to leave their old neighborhood, school, and friends. That’s why hosting a goodbye party can be an excellent closure act. Invite both adults and kids and make it fun for everyone. Let kids choose snacks and decorations, which is a way to get your kids involved in your home sale and still make it cheerful and exciting. They can also create and send out invitations to their friends and enjoy the process even more.

There are many fun ways to get your kids involved in your home sale – use them all to make this move unforgettable! Family of three having fun moving boxes

Organizing move with your kids

Selling your home is only one step in this adventure. You must also organize the moving process to remain efficient and safe until you reach your new home and unpack. You must ensure safety during this and plan a stress-free move with kids.

The first step is to start planning on time – create a timeline and a moving budget and stick to it as much as possible. Secondly, hire an experienced team of movers who can transport your belongings with minimum risk of damage and no surprises when the time comes to pay for their services. Next, pack your items safely, so you are sure they will survive the transport. Getting professional packing services can be very helpful if you don’t have the time, skill, or supplies to do it. Save time and energy so you can focus on daily tasks and kids.

A move organized on time means a happy and safe family. Family in front of moving boxes after a successful home sale

Finally, don’t forget to deal with your kids’ emotions through the whole process and prepare them for the move. Your little ones can go through all sorts of emotions, from sadness for leaving their old home to excitement about decorating a new room. Adjusting to the new living space and accepting a new school can be tough for them, so parents must be patient and understanding. Try to get your kids
involved in your home sale and moving organization as much as possible. This will help them accept the changes better and be happy about the new house and all the lovely memories you’ll make there.

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