Freshen Up Your Living Space With These Simple Strategies

Freshen Up Your Living Space With These Simple Strategies

  • Shirley Martin
  • 06/3/22

Freshen Up Your Living Space With These Simple Strategies

Tips to refresh your home can include anything from adding a new coat of paint to changing the decor, but it’s also essential to take the overall wellness factor into account. How is the air quality in your house? Do cluttered spaces leave you feeling anxious or stressed? Fortunately, you don’t have to take out a loan to make some positive changes to your living space. There are many budget-friendly ways to revive your house and make it a clean, comfortable spot that helps you recharge. Upgrading appliances, getting organized, and improving the air quality in each room will help you save money, reduce stress, and feel better. 

Make changes with the future in mind.

Before making any significant changes to your home, keep in mind that you may want to sell down the road. Which updates make the most sense for the area you live in? What are buyers looking for? Do some research to determine which changes will pay off the most by boosting your property value. 

A few standard options include upgrading the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, adding energy-efficient appliances, and fixing the backyard. The cost of these projects varies according to where you live. The good news is that you can benefit from them for as long as you stay in the home, and selling will earn you a pretty penny. Just make sure you keep receipts and invoices for any work done and take quality pictures of each project before and after its completion. 

Get rid of that clutter.

Not ready to make significant changes just yet? Focus on smaller tasks instead. Clutter can make a space feel much smaller than it is, and it can also have a negative effect on your mood and overall mental health. 

If you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious lately or your family has been argumentative and out of sorts, it may be time to get organized. Having lots of belongings can make this process feel overwhelming, so break it into manageable jobs. Start in one room, making it a section at a time, and utilize bins, baskets, and jars to sort small items. Adding custom labels will take the organization up a notch, providing an aesthetic touch; use a free online label maker to create customized decorative designs.

Breathe easy

Your environment has a significant effect on your physical health, too. Things like mold, the HVAC system, flooring, pets, and humidity can all take a toll on the air quality in one way or another, so it’s essential to take time at the start of each season to make sure you can breathe easier. 

Open the windows on lovely days for circulation, make sure window screens are free of holes, change the filter in your HVAC system regularly, clean out humidifiers, and use a vacuum specifically made for pet hair if you have animals in the house. You can also add plants to help boost the air quality, and these will also help you reduce stress.

Get outside

Sometimes, refreshing your living space means considering the exterior, as well. Spending time outdoors gives you access to fresh air; it can also pull you out of a bad mood and help you sleep better. If you don’t already have a backyard area to relax in, consider trying a DIY project with some comfy chairs and beautiful landscaping. 

Designing the right look for shrubs, plants, or even a garden might require the help of a pro, however, so look online for a landscaping service that will work with your budget and your ideas. To save money throughout the year, consider a landscape design that conserves water for an eco-friendly touch.

Revitalizing your home can help you feel better throughout the year, and some projects can also help you save money. Look online for inspiration before you make any significant changes, and create a realistic budget from the beginning.


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