Are you a For Sale by Owner or First Time Seller in Gallatin County?

Are you a For Sale by Owner or First Time Seller in Gallatin County?

  • Luci Edwards
  • 05/26/22

Are you an FSBO – For Sale by Owner or First Time Seller in Gallatin County?

Okay, if that's the case, I guess you already know that selling your own home is not an easy task; selling comes with many responsibilities. I can assure you that only knowing the right price to ask is not enough; this is just the beginning.

Yes, I know that you already know where I am going, right!? I am offering you our services; we are a team of professionals in Gallatin County, with proven records of more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, reaching our buyer's and sellers' goals, and working with us, you'll get the support you need, the guidance and leadership of proven real estate professionals

Besides knowing how to advertise in the right places. You must be an expert in the real estate field, learn the proper contract to use, the importance of disclosures, inspections, ask the right questions to the prospect over the phone, check if your buyer is pre-qualified, etc...And we do all that and much more to protect your best interest.  

Having people calling you every day for showings and you even don’t know who they are could be scary nowadays.  

First and foremost, I want you to know that No first-time seller in Bozeman should go it alone! I guess you are thinking, oh well, but I can save thousands in commissions and fees without a REALTOR, hmm...I am not sure about that; if you don’t know how to handle a real estate transaction or have experience selling real estate, things could become very complicated. First, it is essential to know ALL the forms involved in a real estate transaction to protect yourself from future lawsuits. Do you know that the buyer can open a case against you even after two full years of the closing? You probably don’t know that, but yes, it is law, and they can and will if they find something that you haven't disclosed before the closing, or maybe you didn’t know if there was something wrong at the time of the selling. There are tons of forms that ONLY licensed REALTORS can use, and the Montana Association of Realtors attorneys are protecting us from these future problems, and they are NOT online. Second, how do you know if the person calling you is a legit buyer? or just a neighbor’s friend trying to collect information about your asking price, or worse, could be a thief trying to get access to your house to rob you!? 

Thousands of people are moving to our area every single day. Seller, be aware! 

Making your sale shouldn't be something stressing you. Don’t make these mistakes!   

Are you listing a house for the first time? It's common for you to be surprised at the complexity and foreign jargon, but when you've got someone who understands the industry, getting results can be both more comfortable and faster. Don't condemn yourself to a transaction where selling must be your full-time job, and you've got to go it alone as you sacrifice personal time. The ideal way to get what you want is by working with the Bozeman Realty Listings Team of professionals; we will be on top of our game and sell your home! 

Contact us today! Please read our testimonials to have the confidence our previous clients had in us. 

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