7 Reasons to Visit the Big Sky Ski Resort This Year

7 Reasons to Visit the Big Sky Ski Resort This Year

  • Sophia Perry
  • 10/14/22

7 Reasons to Visit the Big Sky Ski Resort This Year

Montana, nicknamed "The Treasure State," is the fourth most significant state in the US, with a population of little over 1 million. Big Sky, Montana, is a hidden treasure in the Madison Range of Southwest Montana. Furthermore, the Big Sky Ski Resort is close to the small community of Big Sky. The resort is just one hour’s drive from Bozeman and one of North America's largest ski resorts. In reality, it is so well known and appreciated that many people from all over America decided to move to Montana just to be close to it. However, the resort is not just for ski passionates. There are many reasons to visit Big Sky Ski Resort this year, even if you have never put skis on. Here are some of them:

  • The resort is easy to reach

As we previously mentioned, the resort is just one hour drive from Bozeman. And besides being an excellent place for retirement, Bozeman also has an airport. Yellowstone International Airport will save you the long travel from across the country and make your trip simple and safe. Furthermore, once you arrive at the resort, you can ask for pickup whenever you need to go around the area or even into town. It’s so much better when you can avoid the hassle of driving around a city that you don’t know.

  • Big Sky Ski Resort is big

The resort has 5,850 skiable acres and a vertical drop of 4,350 feet from Lone Mountain's top. Despite its size, the Big Sky is simple to navigate, with modern chairlifts perfectly positioned. The resort receives 400+ snowfall yearly, plus wind buff. Because of the snowfall and elevation, Big Sky usually remains open until late April. 

At the same time, you have many lodging facilities to choose from that are perfect for singles, couples, or families with children. You can, for example, stay in one of the rustic cabins for couples or rent a house with six rooms. Furthermore, if you are interested in becoming a homeowner close to Big Sky Ski Resort, you are in luck. Residential buildings are on the market in Bozeman, Belgrade, or Big Sky. However, if you want to relocate close to the resort, experts at mastermovingguide.com advise you to do thorough research and find the best movers for the job. After all, you and your belongings must arrive at your new house undamaged to enjoy your neighboring resort as soon as possible.

  • There are many trails to be discovered

There are several trail alternatives at Big Sky Resort so that every level of skier or boarder will make the most of their day on the slopes. Furthermore, there are many big lift connections for you to quickly navigate the mountain without wasting time on narrow roads. Some of the trail routes that you can go on from the resort are Spirit Mountain, Andesite Mountain, Lone Peak, or The Bowl.

The Spirit Mountain trail is a small section of beginner trails, perfect for families with kids. Andesite Mountain offers enough runs to keep the whole family happy, and with so many options, you might want to spend the entire day exploring this mountain section. Lone Peak is a massive hill that rises from the valley up to over 11.000 feet. As a result, it might be better if more experienced hikers would adventure on its trails. Finally, The Bowl is the largest bowl skiing and riding facility in Big Sky. There aren't many groomed slopes here, but there are several exciting marked routes that advanced and expert skiers could check out.

  • Yellowstone National Park is close

One of the best reasons to visit Big Sky Ski Resort this year is that Yellowstone National Park is close, just 50 miles from Big Sky. Every year from May through September, millions flock to this national park, and with good reason. It is vast, diversified, and breathtaking. However, not many people know that Yellowstone National Park is even more magnificent in the winter. The harsh winter temperatures bring the park's beautiful animals to lower altitudes, increasing your chances of seeing bison, wolves, elk, moose, and bighorn sheep. Furthermore, because it is winter, there are no crowds of tourists. You could even find yourself alone at attraction locations like Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring.

  • Food and drinks in the area are great

The combination of mountain spring water and locally produced barley made small-batch artisan beer a business in Big Sky. Two independent breweries here offer a variety of light and dark beers you will fall in love with. Sipping a fresh beer after a long day on the slope will become one of your favorite things to do here.

At the same time, a good beer can go great with a good meal, and we should tell you that Big Sky takes its cuisine very seriously. Only here can you try some of the best elk meatballs, bison meatloaf, pickle-brined fried chicken, or goat cheese ice cream. It’s just the kind of food that will keep you coming over and over and over again.

  • There are many winter events

You can participate in several exciting activities at Big Sky Resort during the winter. For instance, The Town Race Series. This event begins the first week of January and lasts six weeks until the beginning of March. This racing series allows community members to test their talents on a typical slalom course.

Another great event is MLK Weekend. This event is about revisiting the 1980s with your favorite 80s music played across the mountain, big hair, loud ski gear, and plenty of prizes and giveaways. 

  • You can do some ziplining

Another great thing about Big Sky Ski Resort is that here you can zipline even in winter. The resort offers two zipping lines, one for the young to test with their families and one for the older and wilder. However, remember that no matter the age, you will need the proper equipment for riding the zipline during winter. The temperatures get low during winter, and you can catch quite a speed on the line. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared and enjoy the ride, not freeze.

Are you thinking of moving closer to Big Sky Ski Resort?

All the reasons to visit Big Ski Ski Resort this year might make you want to move closer to this beautiful place. If that is the case, make sure you contact and work with a professional realtor that knows their business. That way, you can move closer to the resort fast and carefree. Your realtor will take care of all the paperwork so you can enjoy your new life in the winter paradise of Montana. 

Meta: If you love winter activities, here are the best reasons to visit Big Sky Ski Resort this year alone or with your friends or family.

Image used: https://unsplash.com/photos/SsnUBS3a9ww

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