6 Signs You Have Found the Perfect Home

6 Signs You Have Found the Perfect Home

  • 05/29/22

House hunting for the perfect home is both an exciting and overwhelming process. You can get lost in the swirl of choices and get pretty emotional. That's why many people get confused throughout buying their dream home. Things may get blurry, and needs and wants might change a couple of times. People get mixed feelings even when they find the house they love. If you're in a situation like this - don't worry. It's completely normal to feel this way. So, we decided to help you out a little in this decision-making process. This article will talk about six signs you have found the perfect home. Let's begin!

It checks most of the boxes.

Every house-hunting wish list is divided into two sections - the must-haves and the wants. This means some things are essential for you and your family and things you don't need but would make you happy. The one thing you need to realize before looking for your dream home is that you probably won't find the one that checks all the boxes. The only way you can have everything you ever dreamed of is if you build the house from scratch.

However, there are pretty good chances to find the house that checks most boxes. This is one of the best signs you have found the perfect home. As a plus, your willingness to make a few compromises here and there for the house is a pretty good sign that that house is ideal for you. 

You're mentally decorating & envisioning the future. 

One of the most significant signs you have found the perfect home is when you start mentally decorating and arranging furniture once you step into that house. Want a large sofa facing the fireplace and a TV above it? Oh, you think white cabinets will look gorgeous in this lighting? And you have some awesome ideas for bathroom tiles? Well, it's time to make an offer! Once you start envisioning yourself living in that space, that's practically a done deal.

Believe it or not, this can also be helpful with the moving process. You will be able to make a plan and prepare the ground before you start rearranging everything. You only realize the importance of organizing your new home before unpacking once you begin this process. Therefore, envisioning it beforehand can help you get through it smoothly. 

Furthermore, if you can imagine the house growing with you and you with it, you can stop looking for other properties. If you see that this house will be able to adjust to some significant life changes (having children or pets, for example), you know it's perfect for you. Being able to envision yourself living in that house and calling it home for a long time is crucial when buying a house.

You're no longer interested in other properties.

Once you walk into the house that makes you forget all the homes you have seen before, it's a sign to stop the house-hunting process because you just found what you've been looking for. If you try and compare other houses to it and they don't even come close, that's practically it. Additionally, you probably won't see a point in going to more open houses as you found everything you want in this one. This lack of interest in other places and excitement for that one is a sign you should make an offer ASAP because you found your dream home!

It's within your budget.

Another encouraging indication that you've found the perfect home is if you find a house you like within your budget. If a property you're interested in buying is out of your price range, it might not be the ideal fit since some homeowners suffer from buyer's remorse. People often get caught up in the thrill of hunting for a home and forget about other expenses. This includes home insurance, closing costs, renovations, property tax, maintenance, and even relocation. Peasley Transfer & Storage crew suggests contacting a local moving company as soon as you sign all the papers. 

Purchasing a house is a significant commitment that needs careful forethought and considerable savings. Therefore, you need to set a realistic budget that fits your lifestyle and browse within that range. Once you find a house that won't break the bank and it checks other boxes, you can say that you have found the perfect place.

You can't wait to tell everyone. 

One of the signs you have found the perfect home is that you can't wait to tell everyone about it. If you're excited to call your friends and family to tell them all about the house you just saw, you know you can stop the house-hunting process. It's just a perfect sign you've found the one. Additionally, if you leave that house with hundreds of photos of it on your phone, it's a done deal. 

The gut feeling 

You can have a gut feeling about a location even before you see it or when you first go in. It can happen as soon as you walk through the front door or as soon as you hear about it from your agent. So, when looking for a house, trust your instincts. When you know, you know. This may sound silly for such a big decision, but going with your guts is never wrong. It's a way of your body and mind telling you what's best for you.


Sometimes, it's hard to decide if the house is right for you or not. The process is stressful, and there are so many factors you need to consider. We gave you these six signs you have found the perfect home. From budget to gut feeling, many things can indicate that you're in the house of your dreams. If you can't wait to tell everybody you found the one or already imagine yourself drinking tea by the fireplace, that's it! It's the little things that can set you in the right direction.

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