5 Kitchen Upgrades with the Best ROI

5 Kitchen Upgrades with the Best ROI

  • 05/29/22

5 Kitchen Upgrades with the Best ROI

When selling your home, your goal is to get the best possible deal for it. Thus, you should implement some upgrades and address all minor repairs. You must focus on things that will add the most value to your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two crucial rooms in your home, and practically any improvements here will bring a solid return on investment. However, it is always wise to consider which renovations to conduct, as some works may be too expensive and ultimately not worth the cost. There is a lot at play when determining your home value. The location, median home price in your area, features that buyers want, etc. That intertwines to create the final price you should list your house for. Therefore, you must know what kitchen upgrades with the best ROI are if you want to get the most bang for your buck. 

A beautiful bright kitchen with an oversized island and a dining room next to it will enhance the quality of the house.

Smart kitchen upgrades with the best ROI

Selling a home is not an easy process. So, you want to ensure it goes swiftly and smoothly. Also, selling a house typically involves relocating to a new place. And that endeavor involves some expenses. Many people rely on the funds they will receive from the house sale. For that reason, it is in your best interest to try and get the best possible price for your place. With our advice, you

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Replace or update your kitchen cabinetry

First impressions matter the most. And the first thing potential buyers will see in your kitchen is the cabinets. They are, in fact, the most critical element in your kitchen since they determine the entire style and design of this room.

Therefore, if your kitchen cabinets are dull, damaged, or worn out, it would be great to replace them. Moreover, you can also repaint or resurface them. Be warned, however, that giving your old cabinets a new chance at life may be more costly than replacing them altogether. However, although an expensive investment, it is an eco-friendly one and undoubtedly worth considering.

New cabinetry, floors, and appliances will do wonders for your ROI.

In addition, it would be good to replace hardware and install soft-close hinges and drawers. It will significantly improve the looks of your kitchen and positively impact the ROI. 

Switch to more modern and energy-efficient appliances

If you have an old stained white stove, your buyers will not be impressed. Chic stainless-steel appliances have been all the rage for a while now, and if you don’t have them, it’s about time you get them. When choosing a new fridge, don’t think you should opt for one with all the latest features. In-door ice and water dispenser may be great, but they are hardly necessary. Moreover, they are often problematic anyway, so it might be best to steer clear of them. So, don’t worry that you have to go beyond your price range to attract buyers. However, do be careful that all appliances match each other and fit well into the style of the kitchen.

Additionally, when looking for new kitchen appliances, prioritize energy-efficient models. Buyers will appreciate the fact that they will bring them energy savings. Plus, eco-friendly solutions in your home are not only a trend but also a necessity, and most buyers will pay attention to this.

Invest in the right flooring

Your kitchen is a room that probably sees the most foot traffic. For that reason, your floors likely look scratched and worn out. Beds are also one of the first things buyers will notice. Thus, investing in the right flooring is one of the kitchen upgrades with the best ROI. And there are several options:

  • Vinyl – it is very affordable, deficient maintenance, and an excellent solution for kitchens because it is easy to clean;
  • Concrete or tile – those two are also low maintenance and easy to clean, although they demand more financial investment. Still, these two can recoup as much as 70% of the costs;
  • Hardwood flooring is the costliest option but the most beautiful one. This type of flooring will bring that wow effect to your kitchen. Thus, you can trust no buyer will be indifferent. Hardwood floors make your kitchen look bigger, polished, and elegant. They are easy to clean and can be sanded and refinished if they have lost their shine or suffered some beating.

Consider changing the layout.

Open floor plans and a kitchen island are some of the most attractive features for homebuyers.

Changing your kitchen layout is a major remodeling project, especially if you want to knock down a wall which will also necessitate rerouting outlets. However, it will seriously affect your ROI. 

Open floor plans have been widely popular for years. This design is beautiful for families with children as parents can easily supervise them while preparing meals. So, consider removing a wall or two to achieve that open space. Also, rearrange the layout of the kitchen to improve its functionality. You also get more space to add a kitchen island with an open plan. It is a stylish and functional feature as it offers more storage space, which many kitchens lack, and more preparation room. But you have to be careful that the new kitchen layout matches the rest of the home. 

Removing a wall will bring more light into the kitchen, improving its feel and looks. But one of the finishing touches that will go well with your new kitchen design is installing new lighting features. Finally, don’t forget that a fresh coat of paint will go a long way.

A beautiful white kitchen with an island, hardwood, floor, and modern appliances, all the kitchen upgrades with the best ROI.

Replace the sink and faucet

After doing all the upgrades, it would be silly to leave your old sink and faucet. Even if these are the only items you replace, your kitchen will look fresh and improved. Go for a giant sink if you have had a small one, as this is what buyers prefer now. 

Time to go!

Now that you have brought your kitchen to a top-notch condition, it’s time to pack your belongings and prepare for the move. After all, after such upgrades, your home will fly off the market in a second. If you are moving long-distance in Montana, the best way to deal with this would be to help trustworthy and experienced movers. Relocations are complicated when you move to a place just around the corner, let alone when going to a new city. 

Final words

You don’t have to implement all kitchen upgrades with the best ROI. It would be best to evaluate the situation in your home and decide which ones would be the best for you. Consult your agent, as they know what buyers want, what other houses in the area have sold for, and what features they have. So, your agent will help you figure out which upgrades will bring you the most profit.

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